About us

am Bose is established in the year 2016 in Bielefeld NRW, Germany. We are a wholesaler of branded Alcoholic beverages that supplies customers worldwide. We offer virtually all leading categories of alcoholic beverages - whiskey, vodka, champagne, liqueur, beer, wine, tequila, gin, rum, vermouth, cognac, non-alcoholic and many other drinks.


Be the beverage alcohol distributor of choice by exceeding expectations for our customers, employees and suppliers.


Grow responsibly and profitably to be the world leader in the market with the passion to be the best.

Our core values

Succeed as a Team

We value our employees and believe in collective and collaborative effort and thus succeed as a team. Our organisation is nothing but different individuals with the similar passion coming together to achieve the common goal. At the same time, it is imbedded in our core value that we are stronger as a team than any one individual.

Be passionate about what we do

We value actions that are the result of real passion for our products, industry and company. Passion drives high levels of commitment, engagement and excitement for the work we do. We strive to deliver the highest level of quality and service to our customers, employees and to all stakeholders through mutual respect, open communication and collaboration.

Lifelong Learning

The learning never stops with us. Growing and sharing knowledge is critical to ongoing growth and success, individually and as an organization. We motivate and expect our employees to invest in themselves through ongoing learning about the industry and openly sharing this knowledge with others. Brainstorming and healthy discussions within our employees is a common process which helps us to further improve our products and services.

Our sales department speaks English, German, Russian

What We Can Do

We have a rich collections of elite liquors and regularly restock it and add new items to our assortment. We sell exclusive beverages either to individuals, commercials, supermarkets and wholesale buyers.

Our Motto

Good alcohol is something that highlights your individuality and status among others. When you feel elite taste, fragrance and bouquet you will return to this beverage again and again… So, you will return to Ambose and enjoy its exclusive collection!