Is Germany Good for Nursing

Is Germany Good for Nursing


Dr. Veena Mohan

 Is Germany good for Nursing?

Nursing is a very noble profession but is it enough to attract the younger generation to this profession?Is this female dominated profession attractive for everyone? Can one develop onself in the career of nursing in Germany? Do we need IELTS? What are my nursing career options in Germany?

Nurses from worldwide are welcome in Germany. The main requirement to work as a nurse in Germany is the german language. The native language is the best and easiest for patients to communicate their pain and complaints and hence the native language in Germany is German. The question which pops in one’s mind is that the language is hard and I have to invest time and money on it, for WHAT?

That is where we need to change our perspective. German language is a tough language but very similar to English. The alphabets and words are similar to English and hence is easy. Through speaking and hearing continuously, one can pick up the language as fast as  in two months. However, a very strong basic foundation through the German Language course is vital.

If you have covered the hurdle of learning nursing for so many years, then may I ask if it is so difficult to learn a language as easy as English for a couple of months? Naturally, it is easy. The mind has to be set and prepared to fight this hurdle for a better and glorious future. 

The answer to the question if it is worth it? Yes!! I can promise you that learning german and working as a nurse in Germany is like a cherry topping on the very cold and tasty icecream.

Thanks to the current pandemic, it has been very clear , how important the nursing profession is to the german healthcare system. 

Nursing has been raised to a dynamic professional point , where one has a stable job as a nurse, it is the most demanded profession, the hospitals are ready to do anything to acquire the nurses and not to forget one can develop in the nursing career in different aspects and it is also highly supported by the employers, medical councils, ministeries etc.

Why should nurses come to Germany? 

German medicine is very complex, advanced and first hand. To be a part of it is, is something for a die heart fan of adventure. Knowledge about various treatment norms, using various complicated medical devices, protocols for healthcare management grow in the nursing field in Germany. 

It is not just the knowledge which is attractive but the Euros too. With every year of experience, one already had or has , they get an increase in the salary depending on the tarif of the hospital they work in, night shifts are promoted through financial bonus and also additional holidays, paid public holidays and also promotions. One must not forget, the germans motivate highly engaged and motivated nurses and help them to develop in the nursing careers like they can be trained as critical care nurses, emergency medicine nurses, respiratory nurses, cardiology nurses etc. Through this additional training which is paid by the employer itself , the nurses get salary hikes. 

Nurses are not just nurses but also family makers, who have children, parents etc. The positive aspects for nurses in Germany , which are not present in many english speaking countries are paid sick leave for children upto 20 days, preference to take leave during school vacations (max. 2-3 weeks), reducing working time to part-time, flexible shift options etc. 

Nursing in Germany is also attractive for younger women , who are in the family planning. One can take upto 2 years of maternity leave with 67% of brutto salary payment  (maximum of 1800 Euro/ month for one year and 900 Euro/month for 2 years) etc. Paid leave allowance for marriage day etc. Even a child welfare, safety for pension, payment for old age home (if applicable), payment till 6 weeks sick leave etc are the perks of working as a nurse in Germany.

Working in Germany promises social security. One is completely insured and hence any process for treatments and prevention is supported. Hence , the life quality and standard is higher than many countries. Early detection for family associated diseases like hypertension , diabetes etc, or prenatal care services are completely insured and hereby gives one  a healthy security. The German Healthcare System is a mirror to the motto `no health , then no wealth`.

You also have a work-life balance as a nurse in Germany. Social life indulgences are supported by the working environment , society etc. The opportunities for such is wide in Germany. You can indulge in many hobbies like paintball shooting, laser games, football teams, book reading, musicals etc.

Another point is that if there is a sudden need for more personal finance, then one can do part-time jobs like weekend shifts in the old age homes, shifts in respiratory support care, palliative care or even in the insurance companies. The opportunities for part-time jobs for nurses in Germany are numerous.

The only hurdle is to learn the language. The other benefit is, since nursing is demanded profession in Germany and nurses are never jobless in Germany, it is easy to get the permanent residency and build one’s stable life in Germany. Hence, the benefits in comparison to the tiny struggle of German language studying to work as a nurse in Germany are numerous. So nurses come to Germany!!!